Taming of the Shrew directed by Reem Taher and Mike Welch

‘The Taming of the Shrew’ by William Shakespeare
Directed by Reem Taher & Mike Welch
January 19, 20, 21

Everyone is familiar with the classic comedy and battle of wills which ensues when headstrong Petruchio marries shrewish Katerina and attempts to ‘tame’ her rude ways into wifely obedience.
But what would shake loose if the roles were reversed?
VCDS takes you back to an alternate 1594, in which men, not women, are the ‘weaker’ sex. We introduce you to the gentlewoman Petruchia, who marries the tenacious youth Kaelarino, and determines to ‘tame’ his obstinacy with reverse psychology and her own bad temper. The plot thickens with the courtship of Kaelarino’s mild younger brother Bianco by three scheming noblewomen, accompanied by the antics of various servants. This is Shakespeare’s great and controversial comedy of the sexes, reversed.

Auditions—Nov. 1, 2 & 3, 8-11 PM – Emmanuel College Room 205
Callbacks—Nov. 5