U of T Drama Festival Entries

The Festival:
Over 70 years since its inception the U of T Drama Festival, now in its 17th year since its revival, continues to provide a showcase for up and coming theatrical talent. This year also marks the 8th Festival of only accepting original student written plays; serving as a much needed outlet for U of T playwrights. The Festival also serves as an accessible avenue for U of T students to perform and direct on the Hart House Theatre stage.
For more information check out the U of T Drama Coalition’s website!

Our Shows:

Allan’s Log
Written by Christopher Mastropietro and Patrick Kelly
Directed by Natalie Cooper and Flavia Asnaghi-Nicastro

Scorned from his pregnant partner’s father on how his life is going nowhere, titular protagonist Allen begins a hilarious romp on the high seas with his future son, embodied by iconic world explorer Marco Polo. Allen’s Log is a brilliant and engaging inquiry into Allen’s subconscious and more; it’s a side of pregnancy often overlooked, riddled with humour, sentiment, and self-meditation.

Jalapenos in Vinegar
Written by Jessica Ng
Directed by Julia Culpeper and Jake Howell

While main character Haydain attends his biological father’s funeral, he engages in a deep and heartfelt monologue that explores and questions love, death, sexuality and coming-of-age. Jalapenos in Vinegar, then, becomes a journey through Haydain’s memories and personal life, and a reflection on the death of the father he never knew.

Both of these shows debut on Februar 17, 2011, at the Hart House Theatre!