Media and Press Guidelines

Victoria College Drama Society welcomes any University of Toronto-affiliated press and media into our shows as a means of building a stronger relationship with students and other U of T community members of all disciplines and backgrounds in sharing the culturally enriching experience of drama and theatre.

Press Attendance: We reserve opening night to invite U of T-affliated press to view the production. We allow U of T-affliated press to write and/or review any of our shows. Complimentary tickets will only be provided to one person (the person writing said article) and must contact and before approval.

Film/Photography: Due to copyright regulations, it is understandable that we limit the images captured and released of our productions. Photography/Video and/or Audio Recording of the performances are by any means strictly prohibited. Having said this, if you so wish to attend a dress rehearsal to take pictures, we ask that you not take any photos during the run of the performance. Additionally, these images must be approved by the Producers before publication/print.

While we appreciate any coverage, it is important we also respect the privacy prequests of VCDS members and any persons involved in any one of our productions (both cast and crew). We aim to provide a platform to which theatre and the arts is enjoyable, accessible, and educational for everyone.