Victoria College Drama Society Auditions for God of Carnage

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A playground fight between two eleven year old boys brings together two sets of Brooklyn parents for a meeting to resolve the matter. At first diplomatic niceties are observed but as the meeting continues, rum flows, tensions. petals and puke fly, leaving the couple with more than just their liberal principles in tatters.

Site specifically staged in Victoria College’s Cats Eye this show is sure to bring tears of laughter to even the most uptight of people.


Thursday October 15 @ 9-11 pm in the Vic Chapel
Friday October 16th @ 4-6 pm in the Music Room
Saturday October 17th @ 12-3 pm in the Vic Chapel


January 21st – 23rd

– Cold read from provided sides
– Optional to prepare a joke, story, or comedic monologue

Open Call, no appointments. If you cannot make any of the specified times, please contact

Alan Raleigh
-The type A, alpha male; Alan is often too absorbed in his cellphone to give his wife, or his hosts any form of attention and when he does he sports a distaste towards any type of proper parenting.

Annette Raleigh
-An uptight and repressed woman who is constantly anxious and worrying about the resolution of this conflict. She makes up for her smaller demeanour with her fiery temper.

Michael Novak
-A friendly man who is outgoing and personable but has a secret distaste for his wife’s work, their children and most of all hamsters.

Veronica Novak
-A “mother bear” type who is hard set in her liberal beliefs and attempts to play the peace keeper. She is the most logical and organized of the group but she reserves the right to ruthlessly judge everyone’s behaviour.

“God of Carnage” is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.