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I. Production Proposals

Are you Interested in directing a play or a musical? Got that itch to let your artistic vision come to life? Look no further! VCDS is looking for show proposals for its 2015-2016 season. Directing with the society is a fantastic way to get involved with the drama community and to showcase your artistic talents and skills.
Find attached is an electronic copy of the show proposals. Physical copies will be available at the VUSAC office.

Production proposals will be due by 4PM on April 2nd. Physical copies be left in the VCDS mailbox at the VUSAC office. Electronic copies can be sent to producer@vcds.ca

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to email producer@vcds.ca. We look forward to seeing what you’re interested in pursuing next year.

II. Executive Nominations

VCDS Executive Elections are coming up! Here is a list of available positions:

Executive Producer
Artistic Director
Communications Director
Chief Financial Officer
Education Director
Technical Director

Find attached is an electronic copy of the nomination form with more information about each position and how to apply. Joining the executive team is not only a great way to get more involved and sharing your love for the theatre, but also a fantastic way of showcasing your leadership skills!

Nomination forms can be submitted to the VUSAC office in the VCDS mailbox. Electronic copies can be sent to elections2015@vcds.ca. The deadline is Thursday 2 April 2015 by 4PM.

Elections will be held Friday 3 April through Sunday 5 April via electronic ballot. Interviews for Chief Financial Officer will be scheduled with applicants.

Best of luck, everyone!