“The Abandoned City” Auditions

audition_poster_tabdcity_01 The 2014-2015 season is in full swing everyone and we’re excited to announce  auditions for “The Abandoned City.” Directd by Nathaniel Rose and Kevin  Wong, “The Abandoned City” is presented by VCDS and Broadleaf Theatre. 


 Broadleaf Theatre is Toronto’s first environmental theatre-company producing  works based on Canadian environmental issues.


 Auditions will be held at October 16, from 7:30PM-11PM in EMM001 and October  18, 2PM-5:30PM in the Vic Chapel.


You will be required to prepare a monologue or poem (doesn’t have to be memorized). If you play an instrument or can sing do so but it is not required. There will be an improv situation possibly to music.

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Come and show us your stuff! And of course, good luck!

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